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Marketplace-as-a-Service for developer platforms

Improve adoption and user experience with an easy-to-integrate marketplace of developer tools and services.

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Cloud-native marketplace

Everything you need, ready to go
Start with a catalog Illustration

Start with a catalog

Leverage our relationships with service providers to add our catalog of complementary tools and services to your platform.

Integrate quickly Illustration

Integrate quickly

Use our modern API, web components and billing engine to integrate quickly with no upfront costs.

Drive growth Illustration

Drive growth

Earn money through revenue sharing and increase platform adoption with add-on services

Render launches add-ons marketplace powered by Manifold

By integrating with Manifold, Render bolstered their platform by adding cloud-native services directly to their platform.


Cloud PlatformsPlatforms

  • Deliver a curated set of developer tools and services.
  • Generate a single bill for all platform and service usage.
  • Receive a share of the revenue for all service payments.

Service ProvidersProviders

  • Add products to preferred platform marketplaces.
  • Set custom pricing, details and descriptions for each product.
  • Receive payments and share revenue with platforms.


  • Discover and provision new tools and services.
  • Access secrets and config securely across teams.
  • Pay for services through a single consolidated bill.


Platform toolkit
Customize the user experience to create the perfect marketplace.
ToolkitbookSee platform docs

Custom service catalog

Handpick services from our existing collections or bring your own to curate a custom catalog.

Modular components

Our flexible web components fit anywhere you want to display tools and services to your users.

Modern API

Use our robust GraphQL API to extend existing components or build new ones.

Flexible billing engine

Integrate with our billing engine to offer one bill that supports fixed, metered, or custom plan types.

Metrics and reporting

Track performance with detailed usage reports and analytics.

Integration team

Our engineering and support team will be there to help you every step of the way.
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